playing around the animal message



quick photoshoot i did with lights.. only thibg i need now is the sunshine.. the real sunrise with real white sun…

few art works

few art works i created in last terms fitting perfectly with my first day!!!

the economist

throughout the year, ive been reading statistics in economist, which seems as useful and as important as newspapers – maybe more – as they are interested in long term statistics and politics rather than informing wide public about everyday matters..

mirror mirror

its such an enjoyable kitsch and mainly its like looking into forecast book for 2013..

rich colours, traditional costume, indian elements, spanish a little bit too, wide trousers and  in a way a little bit of realism, like dwarfs and also current shift in man and woman power… its such a fashion film!!! besides it’s such a visible signifier that the fairy tales classics are coming back – not in disney over-sweeten classic, but slightly closer to good old classics where Alice in Wonderland was just first little step, and now its coming with snow white and the huntsman and even television film sleeping beauty of Catherine Breillat, where the story is quite close to original, which were in fact cruel and sexual..

wgsn aw 13 14

in the most recent season even wgsn started dividing womenswear and other forecasts from each other – but why? is it because they want the forecasts to be more concentrated? or is it because the price is too high due to containing all different fields in one forecast? in any case, this is helpful for me…