green card

colour and visual inspiration, i know the green card was released 1990, but its such a great inspiration! its so much about now thou.. two different cultures, two completely opposite characters but live together and must tolerate each other.. the thing for pleasures and neither of them didnt want any substitute. and mainly the colours used! there was definitely a reason why she had a passion for nature and wanted to plant the poor areas of the city, why she had wore greens, beige and natural mellow reds, sometimes black. they were frequently around park areas (and especially beautiful is the scene when the two of them run to the immigration office..). he on the other hand wore black, ate red meat, loooved food, and red wine. he lived his life fully and was the ‘black’ sheep who turns out as very sensitive and good hearted.

the whole film is underline with african bistro and beat.

i tried to find the trailer but it seems impossible. therefore there are few links from the film.. the first one is actual piece of trailer:


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