joy theme

this theme was so very tricky! especially having those perfect images with scarves i completely underestimated that and left it to the end!

the ink worked fine.. first set of pictures i did was in a circular vase as i couldnt get hold of a square on, but this didnt work well.. second one was better due to the right shape.

the powders were the night mare! i though i must have 3 elements to match with most of the other things (three animals, three different places taken for the plants, three visual section a theme in the book and even the book was divided by three – intro pages, visual, and final page) but powder were shot with eye shadow, outside with iwona – as you can see from the pictures – it didnt work out – actually i realise its probably impossible, but didnt want to give in, so i tried at home as well.. everything went yellow and orange from turmeric and chillies and paprika spice, so i had something to do for the rest of the afternoon… i was scrubbing and scrubbing but no success..

after putting the pictures in the lay out, they didnt work at all! i was hysteric for over a week till this monday when i asked our cleaner (to my or her defence, she is this ‘self learnt’ jewellery designer, so shes got the understanding) and her reply was “the powders are too ‘blocky’ “, so the powders were out…

maybe it is visible, but i still think these are the kind of images which should stand alone, but the template was set with no time to play around with its the story behind powders and why there are so many (but still far from all) images of inks and powders…



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