packaging and going to the final

this is really just showing my process of getting the swatches at just very few occasions and thoughts about the binding for the final project. the little picture shows a place where lady from LG sent me after refusing me to dye my swatches at university space. Prestige dyers were in the dodgiest place in london – amongst those council housing area, in a lane surrounded by ‘built in bridge’ garages , which i was looking for about 2 hours.. after finding them, they refused me as well. it was even more disappointing as they invited me in on the phone the very same morning.  so except of being furious i bought this little cooker, which was completely ridiculous and made me feel like really living in a studio..

anyway, one might ask why didnt i use the kitchen cooker, right? well firstly our ‘touch screen’ cooker didnt register my cheap pans, the expensive ones were simply too expensive to damage. also the awful intoxicating smell coming out of mordanting had to be done outside and so on.

this all lead to simply purchasing this cooker that ended up in turmeric yellow while making the yellow dye… we had this bright yellow stain in the garden for a while…


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