update after a while

after painful realising what i was doing wrong and what i should do right, i think i know where to take the project and mainly how to do so…


The Evolution – how does it go?

Overall philosophy of the book/project:

Concentrating on purpose of life and its origin (life of living creatures as well as material’s cycle -> sheep gives the wool, onion – yellow colour – therefore this book will incorporate different material characters as well as shades from vegetable dyes and other natural sources, and still suiting needs of fast fashion image)

It terms of narrative:

–         Fast fashion stands for ‘what we have made us like’

–         Natural sources can be understood as our origin – ‘what we really are’

What do I invent?

Nothing. Project ‘The Evolution’ does not invent anything as it goes back to the beginning; it can be said it is rather returning, re-finding, re-using

What do I concentrate on?

–         Base of life – what really matters?

–         Crafts – As in the book ‘Consumerism’, before the time of consumption, people used to create things in their spare time -> painting, embroidery, playing instruments etc. Rather than consuming -> in this sense I am looking at crafts as something very precious, rare and highly individual, and  imperfect as each piece is individual and slightly different same like handmade and some recycled paper has little pieces of wood, lumps tiny fold, bad cut etc. – when translated to human body – little scar, wrinkles those have meaning according to their place and shape, marks – it is very intimate exposure of what is underneath the cover that go beyond ‘pretty’ or ‘cool/hip’

–         Sustainability – how? The philosophy, organic material used and currently researching light leather cover, which wouldn’t change each season. There would be engraved only logo and ‘colour book by L.N.’ on the cover – it can be understood like buying expensive diary where you change the pages but keep the same cover over years… there might be little frame in the corner for exchangeable labels with season and year but as I mentioned I am researching that right now; as for the sample book reconsidering the format of the large book, it is going to change for third – in order to get even more of a ‘pocket version’ => 10 cm. Instead of using a linen bag and a paper cover, i will make linen cover => saving material and making the whole thing less ‘fiddly’ while shopping for fabrics – the cover will be designed in a way its separable from the fabric ‘pages’ in order to get practical washable coverage as it is going to be white

for the cover, saturday chat with david moved me actually quite a bit and you know – sustainability is the key’ and ‘give me something what i dont expect’ -, so i have decided to use light leather for the cover for the big book with engraved logo (which ended up 4 pointed – but see in attachment) and underneath ‘colour book by LN’ or so and under would be like this little metal frame (like it is on some storage boxes and folders) for exchanging labels for the season – cause youd have one cover for years. what do you think? also i havent really seen anyone in forecasting doing that.. so many people are talking sustainable but not many people is actually doing sustainable..

from the ‘business’ point of view i would design a box from raw material – cardboard paper probably – with drawn season i.e. summer 2014 – so if you order the book youd get it enveloped in this box and after the season you could store the old forecast if you want to – youd have this special box with hand drawn name.. especially the size is 29×29… so the box i guess would be 30×30..not sure about the depth..

for the sample book i thought lets make the cover and the bag into the one – youll see from the images.. it would be fixed by velcro, so its separable and washable if needed as the cloths is white – and yes i did do embroider the logo and name

now i have tried to use different kinds of fabric but unfortunately it doesnt work, cause each material has different quality and tell different story, which is great for the colour combinations, but for the basic colour palette looks confusing (so i am going to use organic cotton cloth only or maybe bamboo cause its super soft – really pleasuring to touch), unless necessary – like marble effects you dont get on cotton – so ill get silk instead).. also for the sample book, i am considering using fabric only (the paper might get damaged, also its actually quite strange sensation to touch combination of paper and fabric.. not in a good way), id get print on fabrics at http://www.hatleyprint.co.uk/ and laser cuts at http://www.cutlasercut.com/ they do engraving too (for the leather cover or i might be able to sort the leather cover with a frined of mine cause she does ma shoe design so knows a lot about it). and yes, i am aware of the costs and it will probably hurt but i am forgetting fast…

there i might consider actually only embroider the name and number of the day in the sample book, but i havent had time to experiment with this yet..



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