last night i went to this e-motional type talk with neville brody etc and it was absolutely fantastic and inspiring – all about the powers of typeface.. so now i am really considering about beautifully drawn old fashion hand writing all the way in the forecasting book…

: i must remember: evolution = progress, development, movement – it should be my kind of common theme across the work:

1 the story of the beginning: laser cut out, plus ink on a fabric, black and white, plus strong rich colours (i want kind of punk reference there)

first, in the beginning there was nothing and after broadening it like river flows.. starts from little spring and grows bigger and bigger, same with any other action, you start new thing not knowing anything about it and end up doing first confused disorganised steps, changing direction, returning, connecting, disconnecting, reconnecting, adding, refusing and so on. so it would in-cooperate also the marble paint

2 when the sky meets the water – but not set up on this one completely – but quite like it.. kind of its getting there – capturing movement from the grey sky to blue one, down through the rain to the water

3 plant it, planted, grown.. i just dont know… but visually seeing the hockneys thing, it made sense to what i was thinking for last few weeks – taking a picture of one particular tree, from one particular angle every day from today to the end – the deadline is 2 june so lets say 30th may or so. looking at that i am considering also do the same with with a flowerbed in my local park. so editing of this one would have to be in progress till the very end.

4. dawn to dusk – mandeep doesnt like it, and its too obvious, i will reconsider it, but it communicates the message for now… all kinds of different light – bulbs, sunrise to sunset

5. the animals – i have no idea.. and same with the theme… i am still considering illustrations – kind of style what noel fielding and other contemporary artists and decorators are doing right now – quite naive simplified  animal shapes – as you see in the attachment – probably tracing the shape on fabric and getting fur, feathers and other materials and glue or stitch it on or something.. and to include the cycle of life for those poor buggers, but thinking its maybe too sadomasochistic… they are all eaten sooner or later… but thinking it would at least ambivalent the naivety of the appearance.. what do you think? any suggestion?

6. the hands which can… – and i do like this one! dont push me to change it! i stand by that – the main concentration on hands and what they can produce – pleating hair, knitting, embroidering etc.. samples of those pleats and lace ill be in colour combinations.. considering simple collage…  including also necessary eyes and lips.. how they concentrate they are changing the shape besides eyes are always the window to ones soul and i think they are the judges of our taste, and directors of our craftsmanship, if it makes sense…

7. how does it make you feel? i like this one too!  its day 7 – relax – the concentration is on the senses, pleasures of wearing – that can easily grow into fetish – like wearing cashmere or silk – its such a strong experience –  and dreaming but its abstract – the feeling of it.. and i am considering about leaving in the scarves, but taking some more pictures of those with those marble fabrics – cause i want that theme to be really fluid/flowing, dreamy, light and complete escapist/


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