Analysis of overall colour and mood trend for 2014

Analysis of overall colour and mood trend for 2014


Two aspects:

1 – Particular colour shades seems mainly progression of a colour cycle (theory + continuous pattern from previous seasons)

2 – Overall mood/style/colours is based around the current affairs such as culture/life style, politics and economics, technology

Therefore how is spring summer 2014 likely to look like?

Economical downturn fully analysed with created plan -> promotion in media (same it has been happening with global warming – first there was the panic, then it was analysed and now we face eco-friendliness and sustainability promotion at most places we go to – organic products, healthy life style, recycling, saving the electricity advertisements, frequent talks about bees dying and so on)

In order to analyse the trend, there must be esteem of what is causing the crisis. In my interviews (which BBC news and Guardian completely confirm with their analysis and research – full references to be found again in news!!!) the primary cause appears to be “house inflation, macroeconomic and unsustainable living” => the desire to consume => capitalistic idea of living. (find reference in ‘consumerism’)

Undeniably, capitalism has got some difficulties now and is losing its popularity. People are behaving self-protective and start revaluating (spending less -> increasing natural sustainability with lower level of consumption, higher level of re-cycling – not only in the sense of separating rubbish – but also mending, repairing and buying second hand goods i.e. vintage, antiques, boots sales and charity shops. Reference in ‘Consumption’ “Populism is returning….”)

It is quite ‘left wing’ ideology really… It goes for social lives, nurturing love and family values, creating potential in people – supporting vocational jobs such as teachers, architects, media, manufacture and so on). Empathy, openness, personal freedom and self-expression with concentration on fair-trade are the priorities => following utopia, idealism and positive role models. (reference!)


–   Rich social and family life – casual clothing, less tailoring – especially considering still high unemployment foreseen for 2014 – denim, parkas (also this will raise popularity in low budget holiday such as camping – so probable need for olive and neutral colours)

–   raised fees and cuts on incomes bring strikes and angry attitude – punk, grunge – tight legs, leather, suede, denim, dr martens boots, holes, safety pins, oversized tops, black, grey, ‘breys’,

–    also ‘low budget’ fashion but with escapist nature include hippie elements such as chromatic colours, fringing, sandals and organic/natural fashion (also as continuation of ‘green life style’ trend) and materials, patches, marble colours

–   With the reviewing of the past and analysis what went wrong and glorifying what went right as well as the slowing down and maybe the ‘traditional’ manner of being modest and humble? In any case, vintage signifies effective way of recycling, sentimental values and nostalgia which goes hand by hand with idealism (mentioned above). Most possibly, in two years time the trends are going to be still a lot about 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s… The trend has visibly returned to femininity – pencil skirts, fluid skirts, elegance, blouses, corsets, beads, shine, and colours; floral patterns, embroidery. The vintage image is usually shown in the characteristic softer, muted, grained finish. That imagery is very popular in photography inside and outside of fashion –> magazines, cinematography, and various kinds of ‘arty’ publications => although those industries are fast paced their life cycle of trends are still slightly slower than fashion one => long term trend. Besides released post production for 2014 dominates nostalgic titles such as ‘The Addams Family’, ‘Wizard of Ozz’, ‘Neverending Story’, ‘Ninja Turtles’ and ‘Little Prince’.

There are films that will have importance in a subtle way such as Avatar, Melancholia, Pina and Tree of Life which were selling out cinemas for days in advance. – There was a lot of fluidity and wild colours – from spark, rose pink and turquoise to green and red. This theme follows the exhibitions concentrating on similar themes – reviewing and analysing what we are and how we have changed in recent years – such as ‘Post modernism’ in V&A, Hockney (especially his graphics and colours are believed to be extremely influential -> escapism), also topic of national awareness is taking off with two recent exhibition about the Queen and British arts – Freud, already mentioned Hockney, Migration in Tate Britain and many others. Colour wise, this will bring ‘climatic’ colours – what I mean is that the colour choice will be strongly influenced by the climax we live in – to suit perfectly national skin tones and light


Also because of vocational jobs increase and growing popularity of first half of 20th century fashion, I believe the trends will be filled even more with handmade embroidery, laces and beading and laser cutting. An also overall trend of personalisation is foreseen to grow throughout many fields.


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