here and there

i am very much aware of the fact that i should have divide those few images into section, but i have not.. however.. why are they up here??

the two cake ones are about life style – they might be visual explanation of who is my consumer’s consumer therefore what my consumer looks into…

some of them – most of them are about lay out and typeface… looking into what other people are doing and not necessarily fashion forecasters, but in general (and again the cook book of jamie oliver.. well i cant help it, but i just cant resist the cook books… why? i guess its the design but with distressing elements… like you are not pressured by size 0 or competed with, they are just on line with being relevant. besides being beautiful, they concentrate a lot on latest trends in terms of life style, in addition, the ‘creators’ really invite people in, are friendly and welcoming. that is a big -and i mean BIG – part of what puts me off fashion publication and as cook books seems to be bought way more frequently (no business research done, but you can see cook book everywhere, every household has at least few, each family has them.. besides, they are possible to buy at any book shop and bigger supermarkets.. which is quite difference in comparison with niche publication – fashion publication – and yes, it includes viv westwood’s publication being sold at discounted price in tk maxx.. i mean yeah, when mandeep said it, its just hilarious, but in the same time i mean common, man.. so who cares??

so those are reasons behind my looking into cook books..

two of the pictures are about britishness – british and such specific architecture… and the first ones are about reflection of current society as art is very direct communication media


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