well, tonight we had this talk from two guys from ben sherman at jps.. as i (and actually not only me) got sceptical cause most of the time those evenings are just so draining… however, this one was great and i dont mean it because it was one of many opportunities to ride my pinkie (yes, my pink bike, which i love dearly..) but because what they said was so very brilliant.. not sure whether inspiring, but definitely giving hope that there are some people doing genuine business (and being as slow as i am..) having sense of humour and some ethic, belief in now but living in tomorrow; believing in quality and details – like about this button-shaping tool, which they make the button shape on a receipt… it makes me thinking about smells.. id like to explore it further – yes i know i was writing about it before but im still afraid to start cause once i start something i want to finish it and its a lot to do as it is.. however, nothing changes about me being stimulated by the smell of burning wood, fresh flowers, rosemary, basil, fresh pears and chocolate, melted butter, needles in forest, smell or maybe a feeling of the electricity in the air during spring windy weather or even the smell of new lover on my skin. those things simply throw me into ecstasy… but i think it would be too much to do –  id have to think about packaging, what kind of smell – explore so much, but also how would it remain the particular smell for half a year and actually probably even slightly longer and all those kind of things which would require months to do and with creating a book, writing 8000 words and producing video and moving logo, i can only dream about smells…

but back to the sherman business.. words they said/values they believe and ‘evolution’ can  hopefully identify with them: solid, well classed, new generation of traditional (as they put it – traditional british, having some providence – looking at history (i.e. the tales used around the shops) and quality but living now; everything has got a reason to exist and doing things properly..

another aspect relating to my project was masculinity versus femininity… i broke the womenswear down cause i thought id running for mission impossible, as it would be too narrow audience, but on the other hands it would be really specialised as the stores are – neither whistles nor toast would need masculine colours, but brands such as brora would after there is this whole world that is only about patterns and decorations… but again some are feminine and some masculine – as women accessorize their surroundings differently… main concern is… well, i am a girl – producing pictures from my – feminine – point of view.. even that my logic is quite strongly developed, so is my masculine side in a way – i simply dont have a man’s eye.. man’s taste… what should i do? (in those moments i really do regret i dont keep contact with my ex lovers – they would be so useful now…but what can you do…i guess, find a new lover..) anyway, so i am thinking should i keep women’s world only?

ooooh, and also! ‘oh, give me time to give you my opinion, i need time to think about it and sleep on it.. now id tell you something different now than tomorrow…’ its just brilliant to see someone else also proceeds thoughts in very similar way… and suddenly i dont feel like a weirdo – but i guess this one is more suitable for david’s unit…


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