society society…

ok, so today i woke up thinking about what mandeep said yesterday about our sketchbook entries: its still about ‘i went to see this, i went there’ i mean its truth cause when i go somewhere i think about whats the message, how does it apply to tdays society etc or sometimes just thinking how i liked a certain thing.. but in the same time all arts is just a reflection of current society – its about what people are interested today and probably what they will be interested tomorrow..

to talk about something rather than a ‘thing’ i say films as they are my biggest passion.. (yes its making me pretty aware that i havent been to theatre or a gig for such a looong loooong time.. its almost terrifying) anyway, films.. the producers and the whole team must meet the desires and interests of the viewer at the right time therefore films as itself say something about the society now.. like for instance the iron lady – its exactly about whats going on today – changing society, rough time, downturn, resisting – all the political stuff – done of course in a way to concentrate on the politician – showing them that they are also human and they have this huge responsibility on their shoulders and want only the best for the public.. yeaaaah.. right… and same like avatar, melancholia and any other recent utopia – idealizing natural way of life and showing the technology and ‘human face of today’ as evil.. and of course its what happening in the society NOW! big turn to eco-friendliness, to living in the middle of nowhere, living in symbiosis with nature etc., and those constant strikes that might grow into revolutions or might not, who knows…

and its the same as in 80’s were produce large amount of futuristic films – you know – computers started, pagers, mobile phones, walkmans (and see the dictionary even doesnt recognise the word anymore.. its highlighted as if it never existed..), discmans and video recorders, internet (yes, i know im going into the 90’s as well..) but you probably got the point..

so i guess what i want to say is that as ‘back in the future’ expresses the 80’s society and their interests, current films express the mood of today and maybe tomorrow..


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