why from britain for british?

local.. why?

except of sustainability and green issues (including all the other aspects such as being as independent to transport and petrol supply as possible, and supporting the national economy rather than international – and i am aware of the fact that the ink and print machines etc are produces and delivered from god-knows-where…) there is the point of  the britishness.. no other nation is going to celebrate britishness as much as british people do.. british are really proud to be british – just see the attitude, how very little people emigrate.. or actually the graphs below are not the best ones (yeah, im looking back),  but the articles also pointed out that most of those numbers of people are coming back certain period (most often apparently something between 1-5 years).

The figures show the emigration of British citizens was at its lowest since 1998 at 136,000.

Long-term migration figures from the ONS

Net migration figures 2010

  • Immigrants: 591,000
  • Emigrants: 339,000
  • Net: 252,000
  • Provisional data for March 2011 shows net falling to 245,000

however, immigration minister d. green and rest of the wild discussion following the desire of british country having less migration, however Shadow immigration minister Chris Bryant said that figures show clearly that migration is growing trend… those comment clearly show extensive amount of people’s dislike in migration (especially the immigrant part… which i am trying not to take too personally..) when it get into extreme – youve probably heard of the tram lady, who was arrested for racism and basically xenophobic behaviour.. similar things say other newspapers such as telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/3555250/Why-Britains-brightest-and-best-are-emigrating.html) and similar news are even at the uk border agency (http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/news-and-updates/?area=Controllingmigration)

and its actually not difficult observe that british are proud and happy to be what they are.. they celebrate own flag, queen, kate moss, local products and own culture (including still quite distinct fashions). that’s the reason why i want to celebrate that too in my evolution book… cause people who are not happy with british culture, they leave and who are staying, they are enjoying…

how are my pictures so british? well, except of few (i.e. in the first theme, they are taken at my father’s workshop in czech – but they seem to me irreplaceable… i dont think i could get those pictures of industrial tools anywhere else) they are all taken in the uk… some in london, some outside, but all are (again the word, but it fits..) celebrating british land, its typical scenery, plants and animals – not that they wouldnt live anywhere else.. pigeons for instance are everywhere, but foxes are very rare to see within the continent – thats the point…


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