smart ones…

Forecasters must figure out when the consumer will be ready for a different version. (158, Fashion Forecasting)

so who is the trend forecasting all about??? the end consumer of course…

Colour forecasters register subtle shifts in consumer preferences, sense when the time is right for a new direction, and pick up directional cues from myriad sources. Colour direction means an inclination or tendency toward change in colour temperature, value, and intensity or the relative importance of a hue. A new colour is said to be “directional” when it is trend setting or trend defining. Colour forecasters reflect the mood of the times, both present and the hints about the future. (pg. 180, Fashion Forecast)

Defining fashion as change captures the charm of novelty, the responsiveness to spirit of the times, and the pull of historical continuity. Fashion is not a phenomenon restricted to apparel. It is present in the design of automobiles and architecture, the shifting popularity of cuisine, the development, the development of technology the buzzwords of business management strategies. (pg. 14, Fashion Forecasting)

Colours and colour palettes move from trendy to mainstream. In time, interest in the colours wane, and they are replaced by the next new thing. This mechanism means that colours have somewhat predictable lifecycles. (pg. 168, fashion Forecasting)


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