size of the book

well, going through my notes -what did i leave out?? 7 x 7 x 7…

7 days => 7 themes

1 theme => 7 pages

1 theme => 7 colours

7 themes + 7 colours a theme => 49 colours

to work out how 7 pages goes – its meant 7 pages plus one ending one with a symbol or so… of course there would be intro, overview – its actually what i love about pantone’s book – they have the A1 or A0 (not sure but i know i had to stand to take a picture of the whole thing and i will put it up on the blog too) poster saying all the themes with all the colours – easy and cheap to do, but so effective! its nothing better than having colours right in front of your face whilst designing!

compact size – square size! – about 25 x 25 cm – not 100% as it will depends on final choice of images.. in any case, i want to go for silk coated paper as it is very matt, but still shows colour beautifully (unlike recycled paper) and for its matt qualities => good to scan.. because i want to make it light (and more accessible by price for the consumer – like chiron is doing its compact size (by proportion about the same size as smaller version of cosmopolitan) is not only unique on the market but its actually very practical, very likeable (or at least me and eleanor loved it..) only £700, which is a bargain considering other publication costing in average £1100

in terms of the thickness of the paper – well, not sure about that one yet.. so far i was thinking about something about 160 g/m2 and mixing it up with something see through like 40g/m2 (for the samples in the actual book) for the notepad the paper should be thicker as its meant to be an ‘accessory’ of any designer handbag, which means it must be ‘handbag stuff’ resistant therefore id go something about 220g/m2 and probably secure it against opening with a ribbon or rubber band or so.. and no, i havent done proper research yet – its just from my little knowledge of paper weight, however research will be done much later, this is just to give you rough idea…

square would signify the equality as all sides are the same length… no page is over-ruling the other or anything…

or course pop ups, cut outs would be part of it hopefully, but i need to find out how to make decent sophisticated ones.. and i would want just small ones – corner here or here.. or for instance the bird’s feather – such as the pheasant feathers – they have absolutely fascinating pattern – and id imagine to kind of layer it – make it plastic so it stands out of the image… but id need to look into it, but because i dont know where to look, i am starting to ask people, who could help… and next week i am meeting one of them – my friend shoe design ma student… she likes things standing out from her shoes, so probability of her knowing about how to put some plastic or wires into a print shouldnt be so difficult question than…

ribbons go with me everywhere, so they will go into this book too and chiron (yes they play the personal touch thing as well, but they are so very italian.. italians have different taste, style, climate.. their colours are made for that..british colours tent to be more subtle, even at their brightest are not too bright..) and pins in the samples and combinations (please see my first blog, there are few pictures from my mode information visit in 2011)

so thats few points i didnt mentioned but i think ill remember some more tomorrow.. or actually today…


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