so after today presentation, when mandeep asked me where evolution is coming from (as i was asked to leave out all stuff that could seem as religious – sometimes it gets too confusing..), really poor explanation came out.. but why actually evolution


why bible? why christianity? why to get into religion?

well.. politics perhaps.. escapism.. the world…

to be more specific (but ill try not to get too deep as i understand religion is very sensitive subject around uni and not in a good way), since probably always religions was playing the power behind politics – from time when people were in war ‘in name of god’ or the king was listening orders straight from the church and people paying money to be forgiven some guilt; divided muslims,jews, christians who are originally coming from the same route, not even mention other religions why politics than? that one is more obvious – its behind anything we do.. even if we decide to not to care about politics, it surrounds us – we must make a decision right or left wing – recycle or not recycle, care about homeless – not to care about homeless, consume more or consume less, farmers or iceland, ‘toast’ or ‘primark’, simply politics is our attitude our life, also contribution to the society and the planet as whole.. each action has a reaction and politics is in it.. you cant escape, only pretend..

next one up is the faith (and economy for the change as a result of series of political performances..). faith is something wonderful; i see faith as blind escapism – you believe that jesus can help you and there is no logic behind it.. literally why would a dead person who probably never existed anyway.. it just seems as very dull thing to believe in anyway.. so why do we all pray from time to time? there is still some faith, some hope in every single person – some can have more, some less of it, but we all hope in something.. (for instance im hoping to get really good grade now, i hope to create a project to be proud of even in few years time; and also i hope for people to understand me. do i pray for it? yes, i do! am i religious? no, i am proud to say i am an atheist and religion is not acceptable because for being labelled, belong under an institution that orders you a certain life style and forbids you pleasure – no thank you!) anyway we pray which does not have any logic and its escapism from one’s worries.. and because we are not designed for tough conditions any more, people will want to escape sooner or later.. some will start drinking more, some people grow bitter, some people will belief in miracles… one way or the other, faith – possibly as a part of a religion – will grow as an only way to illusively escape…

another reason why i chose the evolution of the world is basically the world… in the story, there is everything we are surrounded by… from first steps of building and learning, it contains the air we are breathing, water we are drinking, grass we walk on, fruits and animals we eat, pets we own, sex we enjoy very much, relax we take and balance we hopefully get into.. i wanted to have that notion of very basic human needs –  the senses, our little fetish (also thats why i would like to use silk for the sample book as its my fetish – you know the flowing, soft quality that slips through your finger.. uuuhhh…), the experiencing life like the satisfying feeling you get when you have a piece of absolutely delicious chocolate cake, which is heavy, slightly bitter, gooey, tasting after cocoa so much that after half you cant finish it and have the after taste in you mouth for long after and remember eating it like it was yesterday… so i guess it could be called intensive?

and lastly, its basically just a brilliant order…

to the point of the meaning of the evolution, there is mentioned something in the proposal, but for the limited space and repetitive negative feedback to the narrative i tried to leave it out as much as possible… however, during christmas when i suffered loudly as usual, i went to this bookshop concentrating onto religions, owned by the church just next to it.. apart of this weird energy inside, the church father was quite curious about me seeking his explanation of biblical evolution (funnily enough the sales assistant didn’t know anything about bible even that he has 5 of them home…how bad is that huh?)

anyway, back to the story.. this church father told me that really even in christian world, they read bible as mythical and symbolic (basically not even them believe in that.. basically admitting it’s just this fairy tale..) and people should read the days more like epoch as they cover each other..

also and mainly there was confusion between first and fourth day cause the bible says that the dark was divided from the light and the fourth day the god created the sun and stars and the moon.. so how should one understand it with a common sense?? so this church father explained to me that the first day especially is understood as very abstract as (surprisingly) you cant have light without a source.. therefore it is more about dividing your dark side from the ‘lighter’ one, exposing the hidden and so on.  Also this books i read like ages ago (sorry no reference as i cant remember the name..) said that when you start building new project (whatever the project is) it is usually mess at the first  – its in the procedure of organising – not organised yet – you are trying to find out where information/subjects could be placed before accommodating them at that spot… This is all the first theme. the forth one is much more literate  – concretion of sources.. sun, moon, stars…

hope this all makes a little bit more sense to it all…


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