typeface again…

after traumatic and stressful christmas – when being merry, relaxed and cheerful was last thing on my mind (as usual) – im back with completely finished proposal half finished things for sketchbook – hope ill manage to get ready all the stuff ive collected and pre-prepared – and upload all the pictures and this third blog wont give me a notice that ive used all my space…

however yet in 2011 while walking in the london city, i looked into those little galleries and what style they were using.. to broaden my choice.. in any case, if you dont see it as i do, there it is in words..

– mixture of rounded and pointy styles as well as sizes

– quite classic

– very simple, spacious and clean – so there is space for the writing to stand out and the reader can concentrate on the message rather than figuring out that 2dammit! i lost it again…”

so after seeing those pics and those liked put together on A2, it will be mix of 2 – 3 different and slightly more roundish styles (especially when there are so very thin and pointy styles most of the time.. same as the models types.. but the time is changing… or actually i just disagree with zero at any form – body, food or typeface…)

and id probably have some hand writing as well…


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