natural patterns in fashion…

looking back to 90′s and a bit into 80′s, ive started to think how much the trends are shifting.. the thing is, both in 80′s and 90′s there were waves of eco-friendliness, but they were swiftly exchanged for disco, rave, techno or whatever direction changed people’s interest and marketing.. from the fashion forecasting book, ive read, they reminded me, that a trend needs to get amongst people to stay there for about 2-5 years in terms of colour, but moreorless any kind of fashion in clothing..

so the question is, when did this trend start? well, i know i must do the research yet for first era of this century in detail (ive done it up till 2002 or 3 but ill explore the details into that in czech properly and upload that on the other blog of course and the rest ill finish after 4th jan, once i come back)

but maybe this is simply different century.. 20th century was a century of industrialisation, so maybe 21st century is a century of  de-industrialisation => naturalisation (maybe?) so natural living and motifs will be with us through out this all time.. maybe it will be with us during the economic downturn as mending and browns are the usual alternatives.. colour forecast of pantone at least and wgsn for 2013 confirms (see other blog and wgsn page on this blog for their forecast..)

however, the natural motives are screaming out and i dont think it going to calm down anytime soon (because of the ecological stage we are at)..



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